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#31WriteNow Feeling Good Feeling Great

*Trey Songz voice* You know what it is, girl, we back up in this thaaaaaaaaaaaang!

I ran today and it felt pretty good. Not a long or fast run, but a good one. It was beautiful outside today, dare I say, fall-like, even. And my feet didn’t bleed, so there’s that.  I really needed a good run today because my work day came to me courtesy of the devil himself.


Anyhow, I took a different route when I ran today, because I don’t want my body to get used to one path. That really helps me when it comes to training. Also, I need to start training hills because my half isn’t going to be flat. (Yes, I’m still bitter about it) I’m actually a tad intimidated since I’ve never run a hilly race before, so this is definitely me challenging myself. And that’s what this is all about. So here is my picture for the day. I hope you guys are challenging yourselves too!

20130814-201355.jpgCurrent weight:  133



#31WriteNow We Fall Down, But We Get Up

Hey guys! So, as you can see I’m a little behind on the posts. In my defense, I may or may not have fallen victim to friendly bartenders with Jameson on one night and some good friends with ice luges and fireball whiskey on another.



So, while I did work out, I most certainly was NOT eating (or drinking) healthy. That said, I’m clearly two posts behind. But I promised to stay honest and…believe it or not, I’ve already lost a pound.  Hooray!  And I promise to step my game up. Pictures and updates to come tomorrow 🙂 #31WriteNow

The NEW Freshman 15

First thing’s First: Happy New Year Everyone!!!!

Okay, I know that was super late, but, for reasons that should be obvious, I couldn’t post on New Year’s Eve….or New Year’s Day…or the day after New Year’s Day…

Regarding the entire holiday season; Christmas was very, very good. I got everything I asked for, including a LV handbag I’d had my eye on, some jewelry I had been lusting after, and a coat that will ensure I won’t get snow up my sleeves this year while skiing. All in all, it was a great holiday season; filled with food, drinks, friends, food, drinks, food, and good times (and drinks) Oh, and did I mention the food?

On a related note (and you’ll see why, in a moment) I’m hosting one of my best friends’ bachelorette party in Miami this spring, and, as always, I have taken my party planning to the extreme. But, in my haste to make sure EVERYTHING is perfect for this party, I really neglected my workout routine in the final months of 2011. Between that neglect and the yummy food and great cocktails that were EVERYWHERE this holiday season, the result was: Scary weight that will NOT be joining me in Miami.

It’s funny, I’ve never been concerned about weight in my life. I was always the “skinny” girl, who always got told by various southern relatives that I needed to “eat something”.  You know the type:  no boobs, skinny legs, knobby knees, no butt.  But then one day, sophomore year in college BAM!  Outta nowhere….well, I mean, I still wasn’t “video-vixen” curvy like some of my friends, but I was happy with what I had.

Fast forward to after college. I wasn’t as active after college as I was during, but I still worked out, so things were cool. I also lived in a city where I could walk most everywhere I wanted to go, or at least walk to the train.  Fast forward to 2007:  I had relocated to a city that I wasn’t too keen on. It was actually a suburban nightmare, to be honest.  I went from the aforementioned city where I could walk anywhere, to a place where I HAD to get into a car to go EVERYWHERE! Needless to say, I gained the dreaded “Freshman 15”; a bullet that I was lucky enough to have dodged as a freshmen.  To my dismay, I began to realize that perhaps “The Freshman 15” could strike during ANY major life change, not just college.

Fast forward to January 1, 2012. That blasted 15 is still hanging out, and my workout schedule has been spotty at best, since I’ve moved back to the East Coast. So with that being said, the holiday weight MUST GO along with the post-freshman 15, and the excuses.  And they all must go before I step foot in Miami.  I hate to say I’m starting all of this as a New Year’s Resolution, but since I didn’t start on January 1, I guess I get a pass, right?  Right??

As I go along, I’ll be updating my work out/weight loss/diet log, and if you guys have any questions along the way, feel free to ask.  I’ll be posting before and after pics as well, but not until I’m finished, because I’m not that brave.  And for the record, I’m already 5 lbs down, so I’m super psyched!!!!

The Master Cleanse Chronicles: The Post-Game wrap up

Current mood:ecstatic

Hey guys.  Sorry I missed the last few days, but I was super-busy.

Well, I have to say, the Master Cleanse was a great idea.  I lost a lot of weight as a side effect, but I FEEL a lot better.  My skin looks a lot better, and I’ve learned how to pace myself when it comes to food.

Against my better judgement, I went ahead and ate food on the first day…sort of.  I was scared to eat, of course, but I ended up eating two grapes.  I KNOW…TWO GRAPES…LOL.  Those didn’t make me feel sick, so I tried my broth…which tasted exactly like the salt water flush….YUCK.  So,clearly, that went right into the trash.  I drank on TON of orange juice.  (The kind I bought was really yummy!)  I didn’t eat anything else for the rest of the day.

K and I did end up going to the wine-tasting last night, after all.  It turned out okay.  I thought that I would be instantly drunk, but I wasn’t.  I decided, later on that night when I was starving, if wine didn’t upset my stomach, then neither would real food.  Ke’Mani and I went to Steak and Shake after the wine tasting (cause the hors d’ oeuvres sucked…lol.  Well they didn’t suck, but I didn’t expect to only have brownies)  We ordered a grilled chicken salad with rapsberry vinaigrette dressing, and a frisco melt and split it.  It was great, but the salad dressing was WAY too sweet.  Looks like we’ll be sticking with lemon juice and olive oil as dressing!  So we went to sleep when we came home and I figured that if anything was going to happen to my stomach, it would happen that night.  But, thankfully, nothing did.  The strange thing that did happen, however, was the fact that my body must have thought I drank the laxative tea last night.  I woke up at 6am like clockwork and headed staight for the loo.  Oh well, I guess my body just isn’t finished yet…LOL

We went to New Krishna for indian food today, and I still feel good.  I also didn’t overeat, which I always do when I go there.  The food is just SOOO good.  But I paced myself and didn’t go back for seconds.  I’ve finally learned the difference between CRAVING something and actually still being hungry.  I was just so used to being like, “Well, if it tastes delicious and there’s still more of it, go back for seconds.” instead of waiting to actually see if I was still hungry at all.  Good lesson taught by 10 days of craving vs being hungry.

In any event, I forgot to weigh myself through-out the process.  I did, sporadically, but the actual number isn’t what moves me.  The way my clothes fit moves me immensely.   We don’t even own a scale, so I have to go to the doctor’s offfice or my parents house if I want to know how much I weigh.  But as soon as I know, you all will know and I will post the grand total in weight and inches lost.

All in all, I would reccommend the Master Cleanse to anyone who feels icky in general and may want to revamp his or her eating habits.  It definitely helped me kick my bad eating habits!

Thanks for reading guys!!!!


The Master Cleanse Chronicles: Round 8….FIGHT!!! (Rated XXX…LOL)

Current mood:optimistic

So I’m down to the wire with this whole Master Cleanse experience.  I have two days left and I cannot wait until I can eat solid foods again.  I’m not hungry, thanks to the cayenne, but the very idea of food is oh so intoxicating.  LOL.   Here is a conversation that I actually had with K this evening

Me:  I’m TIRED of this.  I want to eat REAL food!!!

K:  Well if you feel like you’re all cleaned out, go ahead and eat something

Me:  Even if I did try to eat today, I would only be allowed to have orange juice.

K:  Well, it’ll be okay.  You made it this far

Me:  **singing in an old Church Mama voice** We’ve come this fa-ah-ar by faith…

K:  See, you can do it.  Only 2 more days

Me:  I know.  I’ll just go look at food porn now.  It helps me.

**opening Jessica Seinfeld’s Deceptively Delicious cookbook… with pictures**

** Cue cheesey 70s porn music**

Me:  OOoooh mozzarella sticks, AAAaaaah Macaroni and cheese. MMmmm 

K:  And just like real porn, it doesn’t do anything but give you bad ideas that get you into trouble.

But that’s the thing, guys.  The food porn helps me!  LOL. I sat and made a grocery list today… FOR LIKE 2 HOURS!  I felt FANTASTIC afterwards…LOL

In any event, day 8 was kinda tough because I went back on the Senna Leaf Tea and the SWF.  Ugh.  This morning wasn’t fun.  I like to sleep in, but I have found that the Master Cleanse, in much the way a child (or a spoiled dog named China ) does, will not let you sleep when you most want to.  At least my body’s clock will be primed and ready to wake up early.

On the physical end, no leg pain to report, but I do see some sinister looking bumps on my face that look like they want to turn into pimples.  One of them is planning on setting up shop in the middle of my FOREHEAD.  Right between my eyes.  Not if my trusty Proactiv and I can help it.  Take THAT evil-doers!!!!  I refuse to become a unicorn. Everyone KNOWS they don’t exist.  Also, my tongue still isn’t coated but my teeth are.  THEY FEEL DISGUSTING!!!!  I want to pull them all out!  Yuck.  Okay…so I don’t REALLY want to pull them out, but they do feel nasty.  I’m brushing like 12 times a day.

Oh, and I’ve finally put my finger on what the salt water flush tastes like.  You know when you’re at the beach and you’ve swallowed a TON of seawater and then you go and jump into the pool and swallow a TON of pool water?  Yeah, that’s what the SWF reminds me of.  Yuck.  No longer the devil’s elixir, but it still sucks.

I think when I’ve finished the cleanse, I’m going to go straight into the South Beach Diet, so that I won’t get back those unhealthy cravings.  I figure if I start correctly straight out of the gate, I won’t stray to far.  I’m going to play it by ear, though.  It’ll also be easier for me to eat healthier even when I go out because they just opened a BD’s Mongolian Grill by my house.  And I get to it before I get to the Waffle House, so they placed it perfectly…LOL.

Well that’s all for today.  Hopefully tomorrow will go as quickly as today did.  My lemonade, however, did NOT go quickly today.  I slid into home plate at about 11:57pm.  I was pushing it.  Oh, and just a word to the wise:  DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT swig down your lemonade to beat the clock like I did.  You will regret it.


Are We There Yet? Master Cleanse Round III…..FIGHT!!!!!

Current mood:impatient

Okay folks.  So this is day three of the Master Cleanse.  I’ve gotta say, I am soooo craving food right now.  If I had the chance to eat it, though, I don’t think I would.  Luckily, I’m still only craving the three from yesterday’s list.  And speaking of yesterday, I’m still bitter about yesterday’s fiasco.  But let’s not dwell on the past….


Alright…I’m done with my mini-temper tantrum.  On to the Master Cleanse saga.  Cramping is down to a minimum and I’ve gotta say, I’m spending a lot less time in the ladies’.  That is a definite plus.  I’m still tired of the lemonade.  I didn’t finish it yesterday, but I didn’t feel hungry so I figured that was okay. I finished it today, though.

I found that I’m fitting into the “secret jeans” that all women have in the back of their closets.  Excitement moment 1 of the week  Also, I don’t have the sore throat or acne issues that other people have been talking about on their blogs.  Excitement moments of the week 2 and 3 respectively.  My tongue still feels kinda wierd, though.  Other than that, things are going well, and I REALLY want Sushi…and Indian food…and today, Hot Pot.

Is it wednesday yet?


The Master Cleanse Chronicles: Round II…..FIGHT!!

As you can see, when I wrote THIS one….I had some…umm…issues…….LOL.

Master Cleanse:  Day 2

Current mood:aggravated

ARRRRRRRRGGGHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Sorry this isn’t the the normal witty and upbeat blog I normally do.  I just finished the REAL one 10 minutes ago and accidently hit close on my browser before I could post it!  So it’s gone….ugh  ARRRRRRRRRRRRGHHHHH!!…Okay, I’ve recovered.  I don’t really feel like writing again, so I’ll just make bullet points

*  Cramping is at an all time low, so that’s great

*   Not feeling hungry, but I may never drink lemonade, of any sort, ever again

*   Craving sushi, indian and mexican.

*  Probably tmi, but cayenne must have strong dyeing effects…lol

*  Tired of drinking.  I am FULL of liquids up to my eyeballs!!!

*  The sea salt wash aka The Devil’s Elixir wasn’t as devilish today.  I guess i’m getting used to it.

*  All in all, things are going okay.

check in with me tomorrow, and I will have a more interestingly-written blog, but I’m just too frustrated to write with any emotion the second time around…lol **laughing to hide the pain**


I’m STILL drinking that blasted lemonade.  I took a long nap today, and missed hours of drinking time.  Oh well, bottoms up………………………………..

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