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#31WriteNow Inbound Marketing and Birthdays

So, as you all are probably well aware, I haven’t written in about a week and a half. Not to make excuses, but I was out of town on business for some of that time and I was planning a party for a very special someone for another half, so yes…I fell short. But, today is another day and I’ve lived to write another post.

I was out of town for HubSpot’s Inbound 2013, which was amazing. I’m on the marketing team at my company and one thing that’s really cool about marketing, is the fact that there is always something new to learn and it’s great to have like-minded people to bounce ideas off of. After attending Inbound 2013, all I can say is wow. HubSpot really put on a great conference. Just about every aspect of the conference was fantastic; I couldn’t have been more impressed. They even had a mobile app that had a mobile inbox to keep attendees updated about sessions and upcoming speakers. The app also helped us to schedule the breakout sessions and happy hours we wanted to attend.

Inbound 2013 Hubspot

Every keynote speaker I got to see was amazing:  Seth Godin, Arianna Huffington, Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah. I was inspired at every turn. And Boston is a lovely city. I really need to spend some more time there. Here are some pictures of the awesomeness of that week.

content marketing

content marketing1

Inbound 2013 Hubspot

Advertising Inbound Marketing

That said, once I got back to my office, I was full of new ideas, but that definitely made less time for writing.

In addition to my business trip, I hosted a surprise birthday party that next week, which I had to put together in the stealthiest of ways. It’s REALLY hard to keep a secret from someone you live with. That said, the party went off without a hitch even though it was almost ruined about six times by people who I can only assume were drunk texting and facebook messaging.

But back to the task at hand, I’m WAY behind in my training because I didn’t run at all while I was in Boston. I managed to pack all of my workout clothes….and forgot my doggone running shoes. Of course. But onward and upward! I still have time to train, but I just have to step it up. Good luck to all those training as well!

~ Tee


#31WriteNow Feeling Good Feeling Great

*Trey Songz voice* You know what it is, girl, we back up in this thaaaaaaaaaaaang!

I ran today and it felt pretty good. Not a long or fast run, but a good one. It was beautiful outside today, dare I say, fall-like, even. And my feet didn’t bleed, so there’s that.  I really needed a good run today because my work day came to me courtesy of the devil himself.


Anyhow, I took a different route when I ran today, because I don’t want my body to get used to one path. That really helps me when it comes to training. Also, I need to start training hills because my half isn’t going to be flat. (Yes, I’m still bitter about it) I’m actually a tad intimidated since I’ve never run a hilly race before, so this is definitely me challenging myself. And that’s what this is all about. So here is my picture for the day. I hope you guys are challenging yourselves too!

20130814-201355.jpgCurrent weight:  133


#31WriteNow Kenny Chesney No Shoes Nation Concert

So, the Kenny Chesney “No Shoes Nation’ concert was amazing and I had a great time tailgating with great friends.


Did someone say shot ski?

I’m not gonna lie…I flaked out on my runs this weekend, but for good reason. Had I tried to run, I’m certain you all would have found my body on the side of the road somewhere. That said, I know that I did walk at least a few miles this weekend and I know what you’re thinking: I’m only hurting myself by not training effectively. But today is a new day and I can start again. But back to Kenny.

Before the concert, I saw tailgating the likes of which I’ve never seen before. And I spent a lot of time in Georgia, so that’s saying a lot. I saw tiki huts and palms trees made of pineapples that served rum, I even posed with a giant Corona bottle. It was all very ridiculous. There were coolers that doubled as scooters. I also saw this sign, which made me laugh.


There were also lots of rebel flags, which I also laughed about because, again, I’m from Georgia and this concert was in New Jersey.

*insert eye roll*

I also learned this weekend that one of my friends is quite the magician. She somehow convinced the venue that we deserved better seats. The venue agreed, so with a flip of her hair, we moved from the upper deck to down front.

I’m picking my training back up today, so good luck to me. *gulp* I have a speed workout today and a 5 miler tomorrow. I’m a tad gun shy because of my bloody haunted run, but I think that’s a motivator for me to get some new running shoes and socks. My feet bled (not in the regular half/full marathon ‘losing my toenails way’) the last time I ran a half, so, clearly I have an ongoing problem. This warrants a trip to Fleet Feet, I think.

Here’s my latest picture, and to be fair, I TOTALLY misbehaved this weekend, but it was planned 😉


#31WriteNow Haunted Runs and Red Wine

I ran quite far two nights ago. So far, in fact, that my feet bled. That hasn’t happened to me since I ran my first half…good times. I also found a haunted house while I was running. No lie. I had to come back later and take a picture of it. It sort of freaked me out, because I’ve run past this house on several occasions, but this was the first time I noticed how very haunted it was.

20130809-110344.jpgI swear I can’t make this stuff up. That zombie sign was REALLY in the yard.

In other news, I managed to oversleep yesterday morning so I missed the shuttle from my building to the train. When I finally made it to the station (did I mention that my feet were KILLING me, due to my haunted run?) my train was 15 minutes late and had been moved to another track. Good thing I didn’t have my headphones on…smh.

I also ended up missing the train at the end of the day, because I had to stay late at work to put out a fire. As soon as I made it to the station, I decided that a glass of red was in order. I guess the guy working behind the bar thought I deserved several glasses of red, because he filled my train platform-friendly cup almost to the top. Suffice it to say, I had long forgotten my work day by the time I got home.


Anyway, here is my photo of the day. Good luck to everyone who is working toward a goal with me. Let’s get it!!!!


#31WriteNow The Struggle, Part II


My body hurts so much right now. I’m not kidding. My legs refuse to work properly. I almost missed the shuttle to the train this morning because my legs are so sore. They didn’t want to work as I was coming down the stairs in my building. Then I almost fell down the stairs at the train station. I suppose some soreness a good thing, but yikes. I know the results will be awesome and that I will most certainly regret it if I don’t train for this half, but I hate how the first week of training feels. Kinda like that first mile when you’re running. The first mile always sucks for me.

And speaking of training, I totally forgot to mention another aspect of my training which will most certainly be a struggle for me: I will not be consuming any alcoholic beverages during this time…with the exception of this weekend, for my friends and I will be tailgating all day before the Kenny Chesney concert. (You mad, Riley Cooper?)

*twirls and does a high kick*

In other news, my weight is holding steady, which I’m totally fine with, since losing too much weight too fast isn’t very healthy, but I’m sure you all know that. Here’s my picture of the day. (Feel free to ignore my four-legged friend in the background. He refused to move.)


Let me know if you guys have any questions about my workouts or what I’m eating and for those of you training with me we can’t do it! We just have to stay motivated.


#31WriteNow Zumba and Half Marathon Surprises

Hi Guys! So, I went to Zumba yesterday, and it was AWESOME! Shout out to Eddie, Jamie, and the entire team at Energ-E Fitness & Dance LLC. It was a great time as usual, I’m sore this morning, and I couldn’t be happier. I’m down another pound too! I’m not gonna lie, though, Zumba is not a game. I was a tad skeptical when my girls first suggested I attend a class. My spin instructor would always belittle Zumba while we were spinning.

You guys are gonna sweat in here, what do you think this is, Zumba?

After going to a class, I’m clear that my spin instructor has never been to a Zumba class. EVER.


Anyway, one of my favorite vloggers from YouTube, What Dawn Did In Heels , suggested Zumba as well, so I decided to give it a try. I will never doubt the efficiency of Zumba ever again. Before I fell off the wagon, so to speak, between Zumba and diet, I lost a dress size in about a month, basically only going once a week.

On another note, as you all should know by now, I’m also in the midst of my half-marathon training. I was in the middle of discussing the half with some friends who ran it last year and I heard something that chilled me to my very core…

The race course isn’t flat


What do you mean “the race course isn’t flat”? Okay, that’s cool, ING…that’s cool. I guess I’ll be running hills on my cross-training days. *side eye*

I’ll keep you all posted on my updates, and here’s my current photo:

Happy Training!



#31WriteNow The Struggle

Everything was a struggle today, guys. Everything. I struggled to get out of bed, I’m having one of those days where I felt like I didn’t have anything to wear, thus I’m sure my work attire is chock full of struggle. My commute was a struggle (per usual, Metro-North was late). Even through all of this, in the interest of remaining honest, as promised, here is my latest picture. Considering the weekend I had, I’m not mad. I didn’t gain any weight and as a matter of fact, I lost some! Yay me! Additionally, I know I said I’d be giving you all the real numbers, so here they are….. (I still can’t believe I’m doing this…*gulp*)

Starting weight:  135. Current weight:  132


Also, part of my struggle today is the fact that my half-marathon training officially officially begins today. This might be a terrible idea, because I told one of my good friends I’d go to Zumba with her today also. Which might not be too terrible since today is just 3 miles. Speaking of which, shout out to Pumps and Iron for my half-marathon 9 week training schedule. I figure between the training and Zumba, and the Electric Run in BK, I’ll be fine for this half coming up…I hope.

As a bit of background for those who are looking to face this challenge with me, I want you to know that I was never a distance runner growing up. I was a sprinter, so distance running doesn’t come easily to me. I have had to learn how to pace myself, which really has more to do with discipline than how good of a runner you are. That said, while distance running is still a struggle for me, and probably always will be, few things come close to that high that you get while running or after finishing a long race. So if you’re in this with me and you’re feeling like things are overwhelming, think about the end result. That helps me keep my focus 🙂


#31WriteNow We Fall Down, But We Get Up

Hey guys! So, as you can see I’m a little behind on the posts. In my defense, I may or may not have fallen victim to friendly bartenders with Jameson on one night and some good friends with ice luges and fireball whiskey on another.



So, while I did work out, I most certainly was NOT eating (or drinking) healthy. That said, I’m clearly two posts behind. But I promised to stay honest and…believe it or not, I’ve already lost a pound.  Hooray!  And I promise to step my game up. Pictures and updates to come tomorrow 🙂 #31WriteNow

#31WriteNow Thanks Luvvie!

So, as some of you may know, I used to blog quite a bit. But then life got in the way; in a good way, but got in the way nonetheless, and because of that, I hadn’t blogged in about 3 months. But now with a little prodding from Luvvie of Awesomely Luvvie fame, I’m getting back on track. I’ve taken the challenge that she set forth, and I’ve pledged to write a blog post every day for 31 days. This is Day 1.

I’m really not sure how this is going to go since I’m so rusty right now, but hopefully it’s like riding a bike….which is kind of a bad example since I fell off a bike last summer (on the way home from what may or may not have been a boozy brunch) and really hurt myself. No, really…it was bad…




So maybe “like riding a bike” wasn’t a good example, but I digress.

What I’ve decided to do for these 31 days is chronicle my weight loss/training for a half marathon. I’ve run one in the past, as well as several 5Ks, but I figured it was time again. I’m going to be completely honest with this weight loss/marathon training chronicle too. How honest, you ask? There will be numbers…and pictures. I’m going to weigh myself weekly and post it as well as post pictures of myself daily…*gulp* I’m going to put it all out there, so to speak…so stay tuned….and I hope I don’t regret this….


The Freshman 15, III

Okay, people.  We are down to the wire.  I have exactly three weeks left until I head to Miami.  Needless to say, I slipped up on my diet/workout plan a few times (mostly with cocktails, because, well, I love cocktails…LOL). I began to feel like I wasn’t doing too well and the spectre of South Beach judgement began to haunt my dreams.  Then, last night, a friend called me and said that her friend saw a picture of me on facebook from a night with Big Ang.  Yes, THAT Big Ang, but let me explain…LOL.

Just so you know, I’m not exactly what you might call the biggest Reality TV fan.  Honesty, I’m not a fan of it at all, but that’s not the point of this story. One night I was at a party hosted by Big Ang from VH1’s Mob Wives. I ended up taking picture with Big Ang and a few other people that night and one of the photographers from the event uploaded the photos to Facebook.  Yesterday, a fried of mine called me to say that that HER friend saw those facebook photos.  This is a direct quote from that phone conversation:

“Oh My God! Tee’s b00bs are huge!  I’ll bet they don’t sag at all.  And they look so perfect, just like her arms…I hate her.”

Needless to say, I was taken aback, and for several reasons.  Firstly, if you guys read the first Freshman 15 post, you know that I had a supreme and utter lack of boobs in both high school and much of college, so all this b00bie attention is somewhat new to me.  Secondly, my arms are by far my MOST HATED body part, and I just KNEW they were flabby and loose enough to serve as wings to fly me down to Miami for this bachelorette party.  I had NO idea I had made any progress at all on my biceps and triceps…(or lack thereof as far as I thought) I guess I was wrong.

However, on a more serious note, often times, we as women have such a negative view of our own bodies, even as we make progress. We’re so obsessed with certain body parts we get stuck there and fail to see our own progress. This is not a healthy mindset and we all (me included) need to work on correcting this. We need our minds to be healthy, as well as our bodies.

So, the moral of this story?  It’s possible for your personal perceptions of your body to be skewed, so it’s important to have supportive, motivational and candid people around you.  And you should take pictures at parties with Big Ang 😉

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