Celebrity Fashion: How Far is Too Far?

Style and fashion have reached new boundaries in music. Self expression or publicity?

Variety is the spice of life and “they” say no publicity is bad publicity, but sometimes you have to wonder:  Are our favorite artists pushing the envelope with their hair, style of dress and live shows simply to remain relevant or are they simply expressing themselves through fashion? How far is too far?

​When you think of an artist with interesting fashion sense, Lady Gaga is usually on that list. Even with something as small as an appearance at an awards show, she always has on something quirky or interesting, and it gets the people talking; from local news outlets to high end fashion magazines. It seemed the more she was talked about, the more intricate and experimental her clothing choices became. As her clothing choices changed, so did her live performances and appearances. We all remember the infamous “Meat Dress” and who could forget the “Born This Way” performance, where she emerged from an egg? Some people think Lady Gaga has gone too far, but she still has millions of adoring fans who identify with her. They love her clothing choices, headpieces and performances and they will forever call her “Mother Monster”


Nicki Minaj is another artist people think of when it comes to interesting outfits and performances. First it was the colored wigs and your run-of-the-mill outfits. Next came the Bride-of-Frankenstein hair, multicolored leggings, polka dotted rain boots, and candy-colored fur coats. By the time we arrived at Nicki’s 2012 Grammy performance, she was decked out in a red Versace hooded cape. Her performance of “Roman Holiday” that night had critics and fans alike talking about it for weeks after it was over. Some people say Nicki has gone too far with the wigs, outfits and strange performances, but all those things have done wonders for her career. She is now the face of Pepsi and when her “Now In A Moment” commercial premiered she got a reported seven figures for it.

Image Ever the chameleon, Katy Perry has been known to change both her music style and her hair color on demand. She’s even been known to change her hair DURING a performance. Perhaps not considered as over-the-top as Nicki or Gaga, Katy HAS been known to wearing interesting themed outfits in concerts and on red carpets While she certainly hasn’t gotten as much press as Nicki or Gaga, she has gotten her fair share of “She’s gone too far” comments based on her themed outfits.

Her most controversial moment came when the Children’s Television Workshop chose not to air her appearance with Elmo on Sesame Street because some parents felt she was showing too much cleavage. Katy’s then fiancé Russell Brand later tweeted, “Today’s Sesame Street will NOT be brought to you by the number 34 or the letter D.” Too far? You be the judge.



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