2012-2013 Winter Reading List

As the temperatures continue to drop, curling up with a great book is sounding more and more appealing. I’ve compiled a reading list that is sure to turn up the heat, make you think, and entertain you during those chilly afternoons and evenings.

 ImageAmerican Ghost – James Owens 

Set in small-town Florida, American Ghost is a story that many small southern towns share. A black man is killed by a lynch mob in 1938 and the ripple effect of his murder still makes waves in present day. Although the townspeople have attempted for years to cover up any evidence of this event, a curious anthropology student from Miami uncovers their stormy secret. His discovery starts a firestorm of anger, hurt, and betrayal, not only for the families involved, but for him and the daughter of a Pentecostal preacher he falls in love with during his research of the town’s past. American Ghost is a classic American ghost story that will continue to haunt you long after you’ve read the final chapter.

 ImageNYPD Red James Patterson

For those of you into crime novels, James Patterson doesn’t disappoint in NYPD Red. As the Hollywood elite make their yearly trek to NYC for various film festivals, someone in the shadows in none to pleased. Detective Zach Jordan is a member of a special task force called NYPD Red; created to protect the rich and fabulous in New York City. He and his team are called on the case when a high-powered producer drops dead at breakfast. It seems someone is obsessed with those in the film-making industry and is slowly and systematically killing them one by one. As the Hollywood glitterati drop like flies, Zach Jordan and his partner Kylie race to find the killer before he strikes again. Just like an episode of Law and Order; NYPD Red will keep you engaged until the very end; predictable or not.

ImageThe Casual Vacancy – J.K. Rowling

The author of the famed Harry Potter series has made her foray into fiction for adults in The Casual Vacancy. Billed as a tragic-comedy, The Casual Vacancy looks at both political and social themes in a serious, but somehow comedic manner.  This story is centered around a small parish in England called Pagford and its political goings-on. After the parish councillor of Pagford dies in the parking lot of his local golf course, the town erupts into madness trying to fill his political seat. As those who desire to be elected make their intentions known, the accusations begin to fly, courtesy of the kids of the would-be elected officials and the parish coucil’s message board. Accusations range from rape, drug use, prostitution and even molestation. The Casual Vacancy will make you laugh while simultaneously making you think about serious social issues that pervade today’s society.

ImageFifty Shades Darker/ Fifty Shades Freed – E.L. James

 Everyone’s favorite BDSM team is back for not one, but TWO books. If you  read the first book, Fifty Shades of Grey, SPOILER ALERT! DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER! All clear? Okay, let’s proceed. The main characters really begin to trust each other in Fifty Shades Darker, and you begin to learn a bit more about Christian Grey’s hidden past. In Fifty Shades Freed, we get to the conclusion of this steamy trilogy as Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele REALLY begin to explore themselves and each other, and start to understand the essence of control, role reversal and in the end, true love.


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