Name the Lakeside Athletic Complex after Local Hero Ryan Clark

I remember it as if it happened yesterday.  April 16, 2007. Virginia Tech. It was one of the worst shootings in US History. That day, we were ALL Hokies. You can read about it here, but I’m not here to talk about the tragedy today. I’m here to talk about the good that can come of it. Ryan Clark is a hero that needs to be remembered. He was the first person to give his life to save another on that fateful day in 2007, exemplifying Virgina Tech’s motto “That I May Serve”. Ryan was an example of that motto, long before he ever even attended VT.

He attended Lakeside High School, graduating in 2002. He was a stellar student, a dedicated band member, and all-around wonderful human being. He found it in his heart to volunteer his time and give of himself whenever he could and I find it only fitting that Lakeside name their new athletic complex after him.

There is currently a facebook page dedicated to this effort. Please take the time out of your day to like this page, and if it’s in your heart, write a few words of encouragement, not only to his family, but to the people who choose to visit and like this page. Also, if you see fit, make your case for Lakeside’s new athletic complex to be named after this brave and deserving young man. This campaign needs to go viral, not only in Columbia County, GA where he is from,but everywhere. Ryan Clark is an example of all that is good in this world. There is no greater love than a man who would lay down his life for a friend.

This endeavor is very near and dear to my heart for several reasons, but since I attended Lakeside, I felt the need to speak up about it. And on a personal note, I think it would be an honor for Lakeside to even have the opportunity to name its complex after this fine young man. Ryan Clark is NOT just a local hero. To me, he’s a national hero 🙂



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