Thomas Czarnecki’s “From Enchantment to Down”: Lazy or Misogynistic Masterpiece

Before I begin, I want to warn everyone up front:  These pictures are  EXTREMELY shocking.  If you are easily upset, or very sensitive, please do not look at the photos; stop after reading the post.

Thomas Czarnecki has shocked many people with his photo editorial “From Enchantment to Down”  This editorial showcases everyone’s favorite Disney princesses meeting some NOT so happily ever afters.

After looking through all of the photos, the ones that affect me the most are Pocahontas and Sleeping Beauty.  I suppose real art is nothing, if not provocative, but the only picture that has any real artistic value, in my opinion, is the Pocahontas photo.  This photo showcases the ongoing themes of  racism, male domination and the idea of women as “trophies” that still pervades our modern society.  The Sleeping Beauty photo is clearly a depiction of r@pe, and rubs me the wrong way.  The rest of the photos are lazy, sick and scary, in that order.  They are shocking for the sake of being shocking and they aren’t really saying anything important.

I don’t pretend to be a photography expert, because I am not.  While I think the photos are kind of pretty to look at, the underlying themes are gruesome and quite ugly.  I know that many people feel that Disney Princesses are idealized women and are bad influences on young girls, but do they deserve to die for that?  This photo editorial, while shocking, is still a little scary.   These photos appear to be the musing of a man who has a very particular idea of where pretty young women in society ought to be:   Assaulted, poisoned , kidnapped, r@ped pushed down stairs and washed up on beaches……Yikes, Thomas Czarnecki….was high school really that bad?


Thomas Czarnecki photos C/O The Huffington Post


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