From The OTHER reason why street harassment is wrong

HAD to reblog this one.  This is a blog that I follow and I feel, for the most part, Jozen gives must needed insight into the male psyche. Here is the article I’m talking about, and my resulting response


I spent some time in the south growing up, and there were two types of men that would approach you on the street:  The “Hey-shawty-what-up-you-so-fine” dude that would try to grab your hand and the “Ay-b*tch-what-dat-mouth-do” type of dude that would try to grab…err…other parts of your body. At least some of them (the former, obviously) would still treat you with respect even if you weren’t feeling them or chose not to respond to them. The latter would no doubt call you a b*tch, or my favorite; a lesbian.  No-one ever actually tried to harm me, though.  However, when I got to college, I learned that there can be repercussions for not responding to street harassment.  Broken bottles were actually thrown at me and my friends for not acknowledging a catcall on the street. (and I swear to you I’m not the stuck up type)  It got to the point where I felt like I was “running the gauntlet” every time I walked up the street towards a group of guys.  It was all fun and games; banter and bs before, and now I have to fear the threat of violence?  No bueno…


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