Sh*t White Girls Say to Black Girls or Know your Meme

So, apparently, some people were offended by this video. I wonder if those offended ever said (or thought) any of these things. I’m only wondering because almost ALL of these statements and questions have graced my ears…a lot…in real life…since childhood. And for the record, it’s NOT called “Sh*t ALL White Girls Say to All Black Girls”. But it has happened to me and other black girls I know. And just to bring balance, I know these question/comments aren’t said to be malicious, and they have been said by girls that I’ve considered friends, and still do consider friends, but sadly, they didn’t know any better. It’s a little crazy when you see it all in one reel, though, isn’t it? And for those who DO think this is racist, I’m not going to try and convince you otherwise. What offends you is what offends you and feelings are real, but please read this article.

Thoughts, kiddies?

and update….because this happens too much also…..smh


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  1. I thought it was hilarious!!! I’ve experienced it from not only white girls, but white guys, asians, latinos, indians…even other blacks (no, seriously, I did…i was unbelievable). I took it in stride, wasn’t really offended and kept it pushing. We (my sister and I) were taught from an early age that we were different and embrace our differences.

  2. Hey Diane, thanks for your comment! I too have experienced this from white guys, asians, latinos, indians AND other blacks. Consequently, from blacks, it’s usually the “is this your real hair” question, though……

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