Dr. Pepper “It’s Not For Women”

Sooo, I’m totally NOT a feminist by any stretch of the imagination.  I majored in marketing, and I sort of have the sense of humor of an 8th grade boy.  LOL.    I love snarky, sarcastic, tongue-in-cheek humor.   All things being equal, you would think I would LOVE this new Dr. Pepper ad campaign.

Welp…..that, right there, friends, is the ad.  And, while I know I’m not the market segment they’re targeting,  I’ve gotta say, the commercial just isn’t funny.  I know what gag they were TRYING to pull, but…well….it just doesn’t work.  I’ve read a lot of commentary on the subject, and the opinions have ranged.  I’ve seen everything from “I see what Dr. Pepper was trying to do and look, we’re all talking about them” to “We should string the ad execs up by their toes” type comments.  I have to say, though, given my 8th grade boy nature, this was my favorite comment I’ve seen thus far

Jill Pontozzi at The Mary Sue snarks: “Next time Dr. Pepper, just put genitals on all your beverages, that way we’ll know which ones are ok to drink.” – E.D. Kain, contributer Forbes.com

That seriously gave me a giggle.  Not to get super serious, but what do you guys think?  Clever marketing?  Big marketing faux pas?  Both?  Neither?


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  1. I have to say that I think the commercial was a bit jarring and seemed overly forced. While it was showcasing everything we’d expect from an action movie, the soda is being advertised as a man’s drink. This might work until realizing that it simultaneously insulted women by actively taunting us for disliking action movies and insulted men by making the commercial a cheesy parody we can’t even equate with good action movies.

    The manly man saying “catchphrase!” basically sums up their decision to use “It’s Not For Women” — it’s generic and just as big of a slap in the face as not coming up with an actual cheesy line for the manly man to say.

    I mean, we’re definitely talking about it, but I’m just going to go ahead and obey those men for once and not buy Dr. Pepper Ten, but I’ll probably keep drinking regular Dr. Pepper.

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