The Master Cleanse Chronicles: Round II…..FIGHT!!

As you can see, when I wrote THIS one….I had some…umm…issues…….LOL.

Master Cleanse:  Day 2

Current mood:aggravated

ARRRRRRRRGGGHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Sorry this isn’t the the normal witty and upbeat blog I normally do.  I just finished the REAL one 10 minutes ago and accidently hit close on my browser before I could post it!  So it’s gone….ugh  ARRRRRRRRRRRRGHHHHH!!…Okay, I’ve recovered.  I don’t really feel like writing again, so I’ll just make bullet points

*  Cramping is at an all time low, so that’s great

*   Not feeling hungry, but I may never drink lemonade, of any sort, ever again

*   Craving sushi, indian and mexican.

*  Probably tmi, but cayenne must have strong dyeing effects…lol

*  Tired of drinking.  I am FULL of liquids up to my eyeballs!!!

*  The sea salt wash aka The Devil’s Elixir wasn’t as devilish today.  I guess i’m getting used to it.

*  All in all, things are going okay.

check in with me tomorrow, and I will have a more interestingly-written blog, but I’m just too frustrated to write with any emotion the second time around…lol **laughing to hide the pain**


I’m STILL drinking that blasted lemonade.  I took a long nap today, and missed hours of drinking time.  Oh well, bottoms up………………………………..


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