The Master Cleanse Chronicles: Round 7….FIGHT!!!!

Current mood:hungry

Hey guys.  So this is the lastest on my battle with the Master Cleanse; 7 days and counting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today was church, so I didn’t do the laxative tea or the SWF.  I will resume it tomorrow.  I would have done it this afternoon  after church, but we met with our realtor again, and I wanted to focus on the task at hand.  I did NOT want to focus on things of a bathroom-oriented nature, if you catch my drift.  (BTW, the hubby and I put in an offer on the house we want, so be praying for us, please.)

This is day seven, and I’ve gotta say, I feel tired.  Not sleepy tired, but tired like you feel when you’ve taken over-the-counter cold medicene.  The leg pain hasn’t resumed, so that’s a plus.  People say you will begin to look forward to the lemonade by this time.  NOT TRUE.  At least not for me.  I only look forward to it because it’s the only thing besides salty water and Senna Leaf Tea that I get to drink.  (Sidebar:  I tried heating up the lemonade and it wasn’t half bad.  Who would’ve thunk?!  I did, however, singe my nostrils  and nasal cavity when I went to drink it.  That part wasn’t fun.  I found that if I hold my breath through my nose as I drink it, it’s really not bad…LOL  Cayenne is a strong, strong herb)

On a more obvious note, I’m REALLY looking forward to eating, but like I said in the last post, the things I’m looking forward too aren’t toxic like the old things I used to eat, so the Master Cleanse really is working.  It’s cured my desire for most things unhealthy.  The most toxic food I want, as of late, are steamed dumplings.  But as long as I don’t eat all of them, I’m sure I’ll be fine.

Another thing, I know I forgot to post measurements and weight, so I’ll be sure to include those in the post-game wrap-up.  I can tell you this:  My clothes are fitting WAY better and I don’t have any stomach to pinch.  I also used to suffer from random, unexplained stomach aches, and those have gone away.  I still don’t have the acne people talked about, and I don’t have the sore throat either, so I’m grateful for that.  The only thing I do have is a weird film in my mouth.  Mainly it’s on my teeth, which is NOT a great feeling, but this too shall pass, right?

Three days left….I CAN MAKE IT!!!!!!!



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