The Master Cleanse Chronicles: In the Beginning…..

This is the first blog I wrote in 2008, when I was beginning the MC……LOL…

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Okay.  So this is my first blog of 2008.  New beginnings, right?  For those of you who don’t know, I now live in Ohio, home of numerous buffets, fast food chains that compete for your business by selling little hot dogs with 10 pounds of cheese on them, and random unhealthy (but oh so delicious) restaurants in general.  I, having been here for about 6 months now, have fallen victim to these unhealthy delights.  For instance, there was no Waffle House in DC and here, there is a  5:1 Waffle House/person ratio.  Good for me and very very bad for me because I LOVE Waffle House.  Don’t get me wrong, I mean, I still look the same on the outside, but I feel disgusting on the inside.  LOL, I know, I know, no excuses.  Seriously, I may have eaten veggies a total of 10 times since I’ve been here ( and only 3 of those times by choice).  I honestly may have lost the taste for veggies.  Probably because you can’t order them at the drive-thru….

In any event, I have decided, since 2008 is the year of new beginings, I will  give my digestive tract, arteries and body, as a whole, a new beginning.  I am about to go on the Master Cleanse.  Oh btw, just so you all know THIS IS NOT A DIET!!! It is a detoxifing cleansing process.  Also, I AM NOT A DOCTOR!!!!(I went to school for marketing…lol)  THE PURPOSE OF THIS BLOG IS TO CHRONICLE MY MASTER CLEANSE JOURNEY AND SHOULD IN NO WAY REPLACE A DOCTOR OR NUTRIONIST’S ADVICE…..BECAUSE I DON’T HOLD DEGREES IN EITHER OF THOSE VOCATIONS….LOL.

Anyways, so tonight is “The Last Supper”, so to speak.    Another reason I’m writing this blog is to keep me honest.  I probably (and I stress PROBABLY) won’t quit since I started writing about it.  Plus Organic Grade B Maple Syrup costs too much per bottle for me to decide otherwise…hopefully….lol.  So come along with me as go on the journey of the Master Cleanse.


I have a feeling that this is going to be hilarious………two weeks from now.  


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