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My Sing Off Obsession Round II: The Afro Blue vote off tragedy (LOL)

Soooo, those of you who tuned in on Monday know about the slander that is Afro Blue being voted off (shouts out to @AfroBlueDC on twitter)  We were totally mad, right?  So, at the height of my indignation, I was told to visit @BenFolds blog on  Here’s the link.  You guys read it and tell me what you think?  Do we forgive him?  What say you? I’m not sure how I feel yet, and from what I’ve been seeing in the blogosphere, including……everyone is still mad……


My Sing Off Obsession

Okay guys, so in case you didn’t know, I’m TOTALLY addicted to the show The Sing Off that comes on NBC.  My favorite group was Afro Blue from Washington, DC .  I really like this group because they take jazz, which can be kinda kooky-sounding to those who don’t love it and they make it something the average music listener can understand.  I caught up with group member Danielle Withers to ask her a few questions about herself, the group, the show, and the quest of making jazz accessible.

Tee:  Why do you think some people see jazz as something untouchable?

Danielle:  I think that a lot of music today, though I love it, is pretty simple.  They don’t really explore too much as it relates to song structure and chords.  Most songs gravitate between two chords these days, and jazz music is like a mural of music structure in every way.  And i think sometimes, when people aren’t familiar with something, it scares them.  It’s not what their ears are accustomed too.  However, I’ve received countless messages via facebook and twitter from people saying that said they never liked jazz before, but they love what Afro Blue is doing.

Tee:  That actually leads into my next question.  Why do you think Afro Blue has changed people’s perceptions of jazz and what is some feedback you’ve heard?

Danielle:  We’ve put a personality behind jazz music and we’ve been blessed with this amazing platform with which to share it.  Because jazz isn’t seen as commercial, we don’t see jazz artists performing on the VMAs or other similar platforms,  and it can be difficult to put jazz out there.  With The Sing Off as a platform, on NBC in a prime time slot, we can share this music with people who wouldn’t normally see it.  Jazz isn’t as exposed as it used to be, and we’re showing the world that jazz still exists and it’s cool and here are a bunch of 20 year olds that love and you can too!  You can be as excited about as we are.  It proves to the world that complex music can be just as cool as the simple stuff.

Tee:  Tell us some dirt about The Sing Off judges?

Danielle:  *laughs*  There is no dirt.  They are 3 amazing musicians that we’ve all looked up to growing up and we still look up to them now.  We tend to put celebrities in this magical place where they are untouchable, but they are really cool people and down to earth.  They’re really friendly and we’re glad to have met them.  They’re really amazing people that make really amazing music and just so happen to have grammy nominations and awards.

Tee:  What was your favorite song, or episode on The Sing Off?

Danielle:  My favorite  episode was definitely the hip hop episode.  It’s my favorite for two different reasons:  1) This was the point in the competition that the groups had established REAL friendships with each other, people had really settled into what exactly the competition was and we were all in this “we’re all in this together” mode.  It was at this point  where it got really fun to work with other people in other groups.  2) Killing Me Softly was my FAVORITE arrangement that Afro Blue did.  This song was a true portrayal of who we all are musically, as both  as arrangers and musicians.  Killing  Me Softly was a lot of fun to arrange and to sing.  We loved it.

Tee:  How did you  come to join Afro Blue?

Danielle:  Afro Blue is an audition-only class offered at Howard University.  Initially it was only for upperclassmen, but as a freshman, I accidentally registered for it.  Mrs. Miller, the director of Afro Blue, allowed me to audition anyway, and she was so impressed, she allowed me to join.  And the rest, as they say, is history.

Tee:  Who does Afro Blue look to, musically,or otherwise for inspiration?

Danielle:  We look to The New Group, Manhattan Transfer, New York voices, definitely Take 6.  We also look to the different musicians that inspire us as individuals.

Tee:  What is your favorite song to perform with Afro Blue?

Danielle:  American Boy is my most favorite, as it relates to The Sing Off, but it’s kind of difficult to pick just one with Afro Blue.  If I had to pick, however, I’d say Everyday I Have the Blues  arranged by Mrs. Miller, but it’s a transcription of the Lambert, Hendricks, and Ross version.  I love singing songs with Afro Blue where we vocally imitate musical instruments.  Everyday I Have the Blues is a great example of that, and that’s why I love it.

Tee:  What is the one thing you feel people should know about Afro Blue?

Danielle:  People should know that we’re a lot of fun, we’re really silly, we love each other, we LOVE music.  All in all, we just LOVE what we do.  “Life is short, but art is long.”

Falling from Faith or The Great Bible Charade

Everyone:  Be forewarned.  This is a rant.  You may not like it.  Shoot, I may not like it after I hit “publish” but I HAVE GOT to get these thoughts out of my head and out onto (cyber) paper. These are all the things you are NOT allowed to say, think, or ask….. unless you are at seminary (oh, the irony)

Okay, so for those of you that have been reading, you may or may not know that I have been feeling some type of way about organized religion, as of late.   I’ve been having my doubts about what I’ve been taught my entire life.  (I won’t get into the gay marriage stuff, because that’s another post ENTIRELY)  My issues right now relate to those “magic trick” bible verses.  I feel like pastors have been preaching this formula:  Input A + Input B = Output C (I mean, yeah, there’s some “if and only if” in there too, but I digress)  But how can they continue to teach that, when there are people that have been inputting A and B their ENTIRE lives, and NEVER get Output C?  But wait, isn’t that formula in that big book you teach from?  Why isn’t it working?  I’m starting to wonder about some of these “prosperity preachers” as they are called.  And, just to bring some balance; no, I’m not one of those people who listens to somebody preach from behind a pulpit but never reads the book.  No, I’ve READ the book.  And it seems like this God that is over us is playing one big game of Puppetmaster.

“Children do this, children to that. You have to use your faith. I may or may not have something AWESOME for you, but I’m not going to tell you.  Just use your faith.  I want to see if you trust me.”  

Seriously??  If this were a relationship I was in with a man (like a boyfriend) we would have broken up a loooooooooong time ago.  I want to see if you trust me???????? REALLY???  And, no, I’m not some random, I GREW UP in the church.  I was in the church before I was born.  I’m just sick of the games and sick of the half truths, and lies by way of omission.  Yeah, sorry, but THAT’S how I feel right now.  There…I said it.  Now, I suppose I’m going to get struck by lightning or something. (I’m kidding about the lightning).

I won’t say I’m atheist, or agnostic.  No,I believe He’s up there, but I’m just not sure what His motives are.  And to all the people who say, “Well, he gave you life, and that’s the ULTIMATE gift.  He woke you up this morning, that’s enough reason to praise Him.  He doesn’t OWE you anything”  Okay fine.  I’d be JUST FINE with that, if that’s all that was in the book.  But that’s NOT what’s in the book. HE made those promises, not me.  And I HATE when preachers say, “You need to remind Him of His promises?  Wait…what?  I have to remind HIM of His promises?  Did He forget them, somehow? *side eye*

“The Book” says if  we acknowledge Him in all our ways, he’ll direct our paths.  Ever felt lost, but, all the while, you were “acknowledging” God?  Yeah, yeah, me too.  “The Book” says if we delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give us the desires of our hearts.  Anyone ever do this, and NOT get the desires of your heart?  Yeah, same here.   And this is the worst one of all, as it relates to “Puppetmastery”:  Remember that story about how Abraham wanted a son, and God’s all sure, sure, I’ll give you a son.  And God waited until Abraham was like 100, and his wife Sarah was like, 90 to do it?  AND THEN GOD TOLD ABRAHAM TO KILL HIM!!!!!!!!! I mean, or course, He provided a ram in the bush at theeeeee last possible second, but ummmmmmm, GOD TOLD HIM TO KILL HIS KID BECAUSE GOD WANTED TO SEE IF HE WOULD TRUST HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I mean, that’s a great Bible story about faith, and trust, and all that lovely stuff, but they really don’t go into the psychology of what that did to the family thereafter.  But, to be fair, who knows, maybe people ran around almost killing their kids all the time back then, so, you know, maybe it made sense…..  So here’s the conclusion of this rant:  If we’re just supposed to love, trust and worship God because He woke us up this morning, and, in the meantime, live our lives as they come, the good, the bad, and the ugly; FINE…..JUST SAY THAT.  But do not sit here and play games with people’s emotions by making us all of these promises, and then not keeping them, or PRETENDING you’re not going to keep them, just to see if we trust You. Or, worst of all, remaining completely silent when we need you the most.  What sort of loving relationship is that?  And please don’t hit me with the “His ways are greater than our ways, so you aren’t supposed to understand them” either :-/

Okay.  Rant complete.  Feel free to comment, guys. Honestly, I just don’t know what I believe anymore.

Dr. Pepper “It’s Not For Women”

Sooo, I’m totally NOT a feminist by any stretch of the imagination.  I majored in marketing, and I sort of have the sense of humor of an 8th grade boy.  LOL.    I love snarky, sarcastic, tongue-in-cheek humor.   All things being equal, you would think I would LOVE this new Dr. Pepper ad campaign.

Welp…..that, right there, friends, is the ad.  And, while I know I’m not the market segment they’re targeting,  I’ve gotta say, the commercial just isn’t funny.  I know what gag they were TRYING to pull, but…well….it just doesn’t work.  I’ve read a lot of commentary on the subject, and the opinions have ranged.  I’ve seen everything from “I see what Dr. Pepper was trying to do and look, we’re all talking about them” to “We should string the ad execs up by their toes” type comments.  I have to say, though, given my 8th grade boy nature, this was my favorite comment I’ve seen thus far

Jill Pontozzi at The Mary Sue snarks: “Next time Dr. Pepper, just put genitals on all your beverages, that way we’ll know which ones are ok to drink.” – E.D. Kain, contributer

That seriously gave me a giggle.  Not to get super serious, but what do you guys think?  Clever marketing?  Big marketing faux pas?  Both?  Neither?


Hey guys,

I wrote this when I was having a struggle between what I viewed Christianity to be and what I saw being practiced around me.  Still not sure where I stand on this, but life’s a journey, right?


As a disclaimer, I am going to put this out there first.  Many people are going to be upset with what I’m writing.  They are going to think that I am not a Christian anymore (which is NOT  the case), and will disagree with many of my views.  These are MY truths, and maybe not yours, but this is my page so I can say what I want

I don’t even know where to start.  It’s crazy how, when you’re a kid, even though we’re all influenced by our environments, we grow up with little quirks, ideas, personal philosophies and things that we collectively call “our personality.”  Things we do, things we say, the things we like and dislike, the things we feel passionately about and the things we could give two craps about.  The things that hurt us and the things that make us strong( strangely enough, though, sometimes those two things are one in the same….but I digress)

 Well, I have always had a different kind of personality.  Anyways, as a “Christian”, I have never been a “religious” person.  I always considered myself a “Christ follower”.  That’s what I do.  I try to live like Christ did in the Earth and I try to bring others to Christ, so that they can become Christ-followers too. I do not, however, subscribe to limitations and rules that some religious people try to place on others and on God.  For instance, I do not believe that women shouldn’t wear open toed shoes in church.  I don’t believe that women should not wear pants in church.  I do not believe that men should not have earrings.  I don’t think there is anything wrong with makeup on a woman, or tattoos and/or piercings on anyone, in general.  I also don’t think there is anything inherently wrong with listening to “secular” music….whatever that is….but I’ll get to that later.  There are so many things that the “church” tells people they can or cannot do.  Much of it isn’t even based on biblical principles.  And the “rules” that are, are taken from incorrect interpretation of scripture. 

I have always had a non-conformist attitude, but not for the sake of being non-conformist, not to be disobedient, and not to be rebellious either.  If people really researched, they would realize that Jesus was a non-conformist!  I have always found it hilarious how people choose which parts of the bible they want to use and then throw the rest by the wayside until it serves some ulterior motive they might have.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I do NOT have a chip on my shoulder about church people.  I just think it’s about time we start being real with ourselves, each other, and God.  I don’t like when people attempt to place limits on anyone, but I especially hate when people try to limit God. 

Some people say that we should not listen to “secular” music, and we should only listen to “gospel”, or “non-secular” music…whatever that is.  Some people even go a step further and say that we shouldn’t listen to gospel hip hop, gospel rock or gospel pop.  Now, if God created all things, that includes all genres of music:   rock, hip hop, punk, country, etc.  I believe God can minister through whatever medium he chooses, and that’s bible.  That being said, we must look deeper into what we, as christians, are REALLY saying.  For instance, there are some “secular” artists that are Christian and Christ-followers, but they write songs about more than just God.  They simply write about life, which includes love, loss, happiness, sadness, sin, redemption AND God.  Similarly, there are “gospel” or “non-secular” artists out there that are just nasty to their core.  They may be “singing” the right things, but their spirit is dirty.  You tell me which one is more edifying to listen to.  The Bible says that you’ll know a tree by the fruit it produces.  So let the fruits be the proof, not the style of music an artist chooses to use.   

With that being said, I also don’t take issue with a “gospel” artist doing a song with a “secular “artist.  If our job is to bring others to Christ, what better way to get the message out?  This is another soul-saving medium to be used.  And we can also minister to that “secular” artist as we work with them, assuming that they don’t know Christ already.  But let me also bring balance to what I’m saying.  I am NOT saying that Fred Hammond should be on the remix of 50 Cent’s “Magic Stick”, but I AM saying that if Fred asked 50 to be a a song with him, or vice-versa, I don’t have a problem with that.  To me, it’s all about the message.  What message are you trying to get across?

Accountability is key, but people can’t be held accountable to things they don’t know, and the fact of the matter is, a lot of church people are busy telling people they’re going TO hell for the things they’re doing, and no-one is talking about God’s love and how to AVOID hell.  People are being told what they’re doing wrong as opposed to how they can be saved.  People in the world are so used to this fire and brimstone, bible-thumping approach, we’ve run them away.  We’ve alienated the very people we are supposed to be helping!  They don’t want to set foot in anyone’s church.  But that’s fine too, becaue the bible says “Go ye therefore and teach all nations”.  Working with “secular” artists is a fantastic way to “Go ye therefore” if you ask me. 

Another thing we need to quit doing is “pigeon-holing” our “gospel” artists.  I remember when Amy Grant did a “secular” album and people nearly died.  She wasn’t cursing, wasn’t “fornicating”, she just did a “secular” album.  I also remember when singles from BeBe and CeCe Winans’ album “Heaven” crossed over to mainstream radio and people freaked out.  I also remember the flack Kirk Franklin got in general when he tried to change the game.  People have a whole lot to say about P.O.D. and don’t even get me started on what people say about Tonex.  But then again, the church has been doing that since forever.  I remember my parents talking about how Andrae Crouch got a whole lot from people when he came out.  And we can go further back then that.  When Thomas A. Dorsey came out, church people talked about him, too.

I just don’t understand why we as christians continue to verbally assassinate people who aren’t doing anything but trying to fufill the Great Commission using the gifts and talents the Lord has given them.  Maybe they aren’t doing it the way YOU would do it, but  that’s because they ARE NOT YOU!  Just because you like pepsi and someone else likes coke and yet another likes RC, doesn’t make the others wrong, it does makes everyone different.  And if we’re all supposed to be unique in God’s eyes, that makes perfect sense. 

It’s all about target market and market segmentation.  Any marketing executive…shoot, any marketing STUDENT can tell you that.  Just because someone doesn’t witness like you do, that doesn’t make them wrong.  The CEO  and project manager (God) has just given them a different target market the He gave you.  I mean, those who have a problem with the musical medium that an artist uses to minister, consider this:  Is someone who witnesses to another in Cantonese wrong, just because you, as an English speaker, don’t understand it?  Just because their ministry doesn’t sound like anything you’ve ever heard does that make them wrong?  No, that person is just using the language that his/her subject can relate to.  It’s the same concept with gospel rap, go-go(that’s a dc thing), house, crunk, punk, hip-hop, pop, and the like.  Just becaue you don’t understand it, it doesn’t make it wrong.  It’s just not for you.  Same message, different packaging.

The Master Cleanse Chronicles: In the Beginning…..

This is the first blog I wrote in 2008, when I was beginning the MC……LOL…

Current mood:adventurous

Okay.  So this is my first blog of 2008.  New beginnings, right?  For those of you who don’t know, I now live in Ohio, home of numerous buffets, fast food chains that compete for your business by selling little hot dogs with 10 pounds of cheese on them, and random unhealthy (but oh so delicious) restaurants in general.  I, having been here for about 6 months now, have fallen victim to these unhealthy delights.  For instance, there was no Waffle House in DC and here, there is a  5:1 Waffle House/person ratio.  Good for me and very very bad for me because I LOVE Waffle House.  Don’t get me wrong, I mean, I still look the same on the outside, but I feel disgusting on the inside.  LOL, I know, I know, no excuses.  Seriously, I may have eaten veggies a total of 10 times since I’ve been here ( and only 3 of those times by choice).  I honestly may have lost the taste for veggies.  Probably because you can’t order them at the drive-thru….

In any event, I have decided, since 2008 is the year of new beginings, I will  give my digestive tract, arteries and body, as a whole, a new beginning.  I am about to go on the Master Cleanse.  Oh btw, just so you all know THIS IS NOT A DIET!!! It is a detoxifing cleansing process.  Also, I AM NOT A DOCTOR!!!!(I went to school for marketing…lol)  THE PURPOSE OF THIS BLOG IS TO CHRONICLE MY MASTER CLEANSE JOURNEY AND SHOULD IN NO WAY REPLACE A DOCTOR OR NUTRIONIST’S ADVICE…..BECAUSE I DON’T HOLD DEGREES IN EITHER OF THOSE VOCATIONS….LOL.

Anyways, so tonight is “The Last Supper”, so to speak.    Another reason I’m writing this blog is to keep me honest.  I probably (and I stress PROBABLY) won’t quit since I started writing about it.  Plus Organic Grade B Maple Syrup costs too much per bottle for me to decide otherwise…hopefully….lol.  So come along with me as go on the journey of the Master Cleanse.


I have a feeling that this is going to be hilarious………two weeks from now.  

The Master Cleanse Chronicles: The Post-Game wrap up

Current mood:ecstatic

Hey guys.  Sorry I missed the last few days, but I was super-busy.

Well, I have to say, the Master Cleanse was a great idea.  I lost a lot of weight as a side effect, but I FEEL a lot better.  My skin looks a lot better, and I’ve learned how to pace myself when it comes to food.

Against my better judgement, I went ahead and ate food on the first day…sort of.  I was scared to eat, of course, but I ended up eating two grapes.  I KNOW…TWO GRAPES…LOL.  Those didn’t make me feel sick, so I tried my broth…which tasted exactly like the salt water flush….YUCK.  So,clearly, that went right into the trash.  I drank on TON of orange juice.  (The kind I bought was really yummy!)  I didn’t eat anything else for the rest of the day.

K and I did end up going to the wine-tasting last night, after all.  It turned out okay.  I thought that I would be instantly drunk, but I wasn’t.  I decided, later on that night when I was starving, if wine didn’t upset my stomach, then neither would real food.  Ke’Mani and I went to Steak and Shake after the wine tasting (cause the hors d’ oeuvres sucked…lol.  Well they didn’t suck, but I didn’t expect to only have brownies)  We ordered a grilled chicken salad with rapsberry vinaigrette dressing, and a frisco melt and split it.  It was great, but the salad dressing was WAY too sweet.  Looks like we’ll be sticking with lemon juice and olive oil as dressing!  So we went to sleep when we came home and I figured that if anything was going to happen to my stomach, it would happen that night.  But, thankfully, nothing did.  The strange thing that did happen, however, was the fact that my body must have thought I drank the laxative tea last night.  I woke up at 6am like clockwork and headed staight for the loo.  Oh well, I guess my body just isn’t finished yet…LOL

We went to New Krishna for indian food today, and I still feel good.  I also didn’t overeat, which I always do when I go there.  The food is just SOOO good.  But I paced myself and didn’t go back for seconds.  I’ve finally learned the difference between CRAVING something and actually still being hungry.  I was just so used to being like, “Well, if it tastes delicious and there’s still more of it, go back for seconds.” instead of waiting to actually see if I was still hungry at all.  Good lesson taught by 10 days of craving vs being hungry.

In any event, I forgot to weigh myself through-out the process.  I did, sporadically, but the actual number isn’t what moves me.  The way my clothes fit moves me immensely.   We don’t even own a scale, so I have to go to the doctor’s offfice or my parents house if I want to know how much I weigh.  But as soon as I know, you all will know and I will post the grand total in weight and inches lost.

All in all, I would reccommend the Master Cleanse to anyone who feels icky in general and may want to revamp his or her eating habits.  It definitely helped me kick my bad eating habits!

Thanks for reading guys!!!!


The Master Cleanse Chronicles: Round 9….FIGHT!!!

Current mood:relieved

Hey guys!  Sorry I didn’t blog yesterday.  It was a little hectic, once again.  but I’ll give you the lowdown.  It was really difficult yesterday.  I really wanted to eat something the other day.  Not that I was hungry, but I just MISS FOOD.  But it’ll be cool.  But it was like everything around me was about food.  I suppose I had no-one but myself to blame about that since I took it upon myself to watch the food network all day yesterday.  LOL.  Yum…. Crepes from New Orleans….yum.

Anyway, I decided to make my broth last night so that I would have it ready to go on Thursday.  I’m just worried that it may taste like my salt water flush.  LOL.  If it does, I’m NOT going to drink it.  K and I have a wine tasting on Thursday.  I’m getting the sneaking suspicion that something awful may happen to my stomach if I go.  LOL.  Oh well.  We have also been invited to a party at Papadeaux on Saturday!!!!!  ARRRGGGHHH.  Sooooo, maybe I’ll be having crepes after all.  LOL.  I probably shouldn’t eat that heavily so soon, but I miss food so much.  LOL.  I’ll probably just eat something light.

Well, no leg pain to complain about. No headaches, or backaches either.  My teeth are still feeling weird, but I only have one more day, right?  I also weighed myself again, and I’ve lost another 5 pounds.  I’m bitter I didn’t weigh myself in the begining, but that’s okay.  I know it’s mostly water weight anyway, but we’ll see how things progress.

As the last day draws near, I feel really proud of myself.  I stuck it out.  I didn’t want to all of the time and Lord knows I wanted to quit, but writing this blog kept me honest.  (As did the $10 maple syrup).  My mom says she may try it next.  I probably won’t do this again for another 6 months to a year, but at least I know I can do it since I’ve done it before.

One day left….WHOOOO HOOOOO!!!!


The Master Cleanse Chronicles: Round 8….FIGHT!!! (Rated XXX…LOL)

Current mood:optimistic

So I’m down to the wire with this whole Master Cleanse experience.  I have two days left and I cannot wait until I can eat solid foods again.  I’m not hungry, thanks to the cayenne, but the very idea of food is oh so intoxicating.  LOL.   Here is a conversation that I actually had with K this evening

Me:  I’m TIRED of this.  I want to eat REAL food!!!

K:  Well if you feel like you’re all cleaned out, go ahead and eat something

Me:  Even if I did try to eat today, I would only be allowed to have orange juice.

K:  Well, it’ll be okay.  You made it this far

Me:  **singing in an old Church Mama voice** We’ve come this fa-ah-ar by faith…

K:  See, you can do it.  Only 2 more days

Me:  I know.  I’ll just go look at food porn now.  It helps me.

**opening Jessica Seinfeld’s Deceptively Delicious cookbook… with pictures**

** Cue cheesey 70s porn music**

Me:  OOoooh mozzarella sticks, AAAaaaah Macaroni and cheese. MMmmm 

K:  And just like real porn, it doesn’t do anything but give you bad ideas that get you into trouble.

But that’s the thing, guys.  The food porn helps me!  LOL. I sat and made a grocery list today… FOR LIKE 2 HOURS!  I felt FANTASTIC afterwards…LOL

In any event, day 8 was kinda tough because I went back on the Senna Leaf Tea and the SWF.  Ugh.  This morning wasn’t fun.  I like to sleep in, but I have found that the Master Cleanse, in much the way a child (or a spoiled dog named China ) does, will not let you sleep when you most want to.  At least my body’s clock will be primed and ready to wake up early.

On the physical end, no leg pain to report, but I do see some sinister looking bumps on my face that look like they want to turn into pimples.  One of them is planning on setting up shop in the middle of my FOREHEAD.  Right between my eyes.  Not if my trusty Proactiv and I can help it.  Take THAT evil-doers!!!!  I refuse to become a unicorn. Everyone KNOWS they don’t exist.  Also, my tongue still isn’t coated but my teeth are.  THEY FEEL DISGUSTING!!!!  I want to pull them all out!  Yuck.  Okay…so I don’t REALLY want to pull them out, but they do feel nasty.  I’m brushing like 12 times a day.

Oh, and I’ve finally put my finger on what the salt water flush tastes like.  You know when you’re at the beach and you’ve swallowed a TON of seawater and then you go and jump into the pool and swallow a TON of pool water?  Yeah, that’s what the SWF reminds me of.  Yuck.  No longer the devil’s elixir, but it still sucks.

I think when I’ve finished the cleanse, I’m going to go straight into the South Beach Diet, so that I won’t get back those unhealthy cravings.  I figure if I start correctly straight out of the gate, I won’t stray to far.  I’m going to play it by ear, though.  It’ll also be easier for me to eat healthier even when I go out because they just opened a BD’s Mongolian Grill by my house.  And I get to it before I get to the Waffle House, so they placed it perfectly…LOL.

Well that’s all for today.  Hopefully tomorrow will go as quickly as today did.  My lemonade, however, did NOT go quickly today.  I slid into home plate at about 11:57pm.  I was pushing it.  Oh, and just a word to the wise:  DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT swig down your lemonade to beat the clock like I did.  You will regret it.


The Master Cleanse Chronicles: Round 7….FIGHT!!!!

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Hey guys.  So this is the lastest on my battle with the Master Cleanse; 7 days and counting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today was church, so I didn’t do the laxative tea or the SWF.  I will resume it tomorrow.  I would have done it this afternoon  after church, but we met with our realtor again, and I wanted to focus on the task at hand.  I did NOT want to focus on things of a bathroom-oriented nature, if you catch my drift.  (BTW, the hubby and I put in an offer on the house we want, so be praying for us, please.)

This is day seven, and I’ve gotta say, I feel tired.  Not sleepy tired, but tired like you feel when you’ve taken over-the-counter cold medicene.  The leg pain hasn’t resumed, so that’s a plus.  People say you will begin to look forward to the lemonade by this time.  NOT TRUE.  At least not for me.  I only look forward to it because it’s the only thing besides salty water and Senna Leaf Tea that I get to drink.  (Sidebar:  I tried heating up the lemonade and it wasn’t half bad.  Who would’ve thunk?!  I did, however, singe my nostrils  and nasal cavity when I went to drink it.  That part wasn’t fun.  I found that if I hold my breath through my nose as I drink it, it’s really not bad…LOL  Cayenne is a strong, strong herb)

On a more obvious note, I’m REALLY looking forward to eating, but like I said in the last post, the things I’m looking forward too aren’t toxic like the old things I used to eat, so the Master Cleanse really is working.  It’s cured my desire for most things unhealthy.  The most toxic food I want, as of late, are steamed dumplings.  But as long as I don’t eat all of them, I’m sure I’ll be fine.

Another thing, I know I forgot to post measurements and weight, so I’ll be sure to include those in the post-game wrap-up.  I can tell you this:  My clothes are fitting WAY better and I don’t have any stomach to pinch.  I also used to suffer from random, unexplained stomach aches, and those have gone away.  I still don’t have the acne people talked about, and I don’t have the sore throat either, so I’m grateful for that.  The only thing I do have is a weird film in my mouth.  Mainly it’s on my teeth, which is NOT a great feeling, but this too shall pass, right?

Three days left….I CAN MAKE IT!!!!!!!


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